Kensho adopted two girls from Thailand!

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Kensho adopted two girls from Thailand!


Kensho adopted two girls from Thailand!

When I was backpacking all over Far East 18 years ago, I was horrified once in Thailand when I witnessed a number of little girls that had to work in sex shows and I am sure even more… During that trip I decided to do something about it but couldn’t figure out what…

2 years later I met with my gorgeous darling, lover, wife, best friend and partner Sibel fell in love, got married, moved to the new home in the Netherlands, had a great job. Sibel and I decided to sponsor our very first girls from Thailand during these days with help of Plan Nederland.

Our idea was very simple, if we sponsor them, they are going to have a good education, hopefully good work and they will help others in their own countries…

During the planning phase of Kensho giving back was one of the core values of the company. Being a father of 2 beautiful daughters encouraged me to continue the sponsorships in Thailand.

Today, we are pleased to announced that we decided to sponsor our very first 2 Kensho girls from Thailand as a start of the project.

I am also happy to announced that all profit from Kensho merchandised clothing, towels, sport bags (Spring) will be used to pay for that project.

Thank you all for being part of the Kensho family and your continuous encouragements!

Hand in hand for a Happier world!

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